Fast Loan is able to collect credit card debts in different banks that are difficult to pay by using credit to close debt .

Fast Loan debt closing loan is also known as the structuring loan and can be used to structure debts between 200 USD and 20.000 USD. Configuration loan applications;

  • Fast Loan Mobile and Internet branch,
  • Fast Loan branches

It can be made over.

What is the Fast Loan Debt Closure Loan Application Conditions?

Fast Loan debt closing loan application conditions are requested by each applicant from Fast Loan for a healthy refund of the configuration loan applied for existing credit card debts. Credit card users who want to apply;

  • No ongoing legal follow-up due to credit or credit card debts,
  • Having a regular monthly income,
  • Having a credit score above the risky level,
  • Providing mortgage and surety conditions when necessary,
  • Applications to be made through the channels mentioned above and for credit card debts

If they accept their conditions, they will be able to pay their credit card debts, which they have difficulty in paying, to installments up to 12 months in installments.

What is Fast Loan Debt Closure Loan Interest Rates?

Fast Loan debt closing interest rates can vary depending on the applicants’ credit ratings and Fast Loan customers. 1.83% monthly contractual interest rate is applied to the applicants who want to perform the installment loan transaction from Fast

A loan between 200 USD and 20.000 USD as standard. The credit term can be determined as 7 at the most and 12 months at the most.

How to Apply for Fast Loan Debt Closure Loan?

Credit card users who wish to apply for Fast Loan debt closing loan can use Fast Loan Mobile and Internet branches in addition to Fast Loan branches.

Applications must be made on weekdays and between 09:00 – 15:00. Applications made outside the relevant hours are evaluated on the next business day.

In the case of debt loan applications, if a Fast Loan customer is not required, no application documents are required.

We advise you to read the article on Debt Closing Loan .

Fast Loan Debt Closure Loan Calculation

It is possible to find out how much reimbursement will be made for a 7-month and 12-month maturity for a loan amount of 1.000 USD to be used with Fast Loan debt settlement calculation . When you use credit for your credit card debt amounting to USD 1,000;

  • 156.90 USD monthly installment amount for a 7-month term,
  • 96.90 USD monthly installment amount for a 12-month term

Fast Loan debt closing loan repayment installment amounts are calculated.

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