Nowadays, you can apply for a credit card at a bank branch or online banking. Filling out your application in Netbank is quick and easy and can be done at any time.

You can compare the different card options on our site, and once you have found the most suitable card combination for your needs, you can proceed to the application for that card combination.

Using a combination card

Using a combination card

Credit / debit cards are very popular in Finland because of their versatility, and it’s no wonder that a combination card increases the amount of cards you carry in your wallet if you want to own both a debit and credit card.

The credit side of a combination card, for example, when traveling abroad, works in exactly the same way as a regular credit card. However, you should be careful when making payments or cash withdrawals abroad on the debit side of the card, as they may sometimes be charged to the credit side of the card.

Because credit card purchases begin to increase after the non-interest payment period ends, and because credit card invoicing often charges an account management fee, it is a good idea to be careful when paying with a combination card. An accidentally paid credit product can cause a nasty surprise if you suddenly fall home with a fall in interest rates.

If you are paying for purchases on the credit side of your card, it is a good idea to try to pay off your credit card bill completely, or at least shorten the bill as much as possible before the credit begins to increase. You should try to pay your credit card bill as soon as possible in order to minimize the cost of interest, and not just the minimum reductions, unless absolutely necessary. Learn more about paying your credit card bill wisely.

Secure card payment

Secure card payment

When it comes to card payment security, it can mean two different things. On the one hand, secure card payment can refer to the security of the transaction itself, and on the other hand, the security of card payment can also mean the various kinds of insurance that a credit card purchase on a combination card brings to the products. .

Card payment is popular because it is generally much safer than paying in cash. For example, for thieves, a debit card is not as useful a catch as cash because the cards are normally protected by a PIN, which cannot be used without the card.

Especially on the credit side of a combination card, it is safe to pay. In addition to the PIN code, the credit card is protected by the credit card company. When paying with a credit card, the credit card company bears most of the risks, which is why the authenticity of a payment transaction is analyzed through a variety of parameters before a payment is accepted.

The credit side of the combination card also provides bankruptcy protection for credit-paid purchases, which guarantees the customer a refund if the seller of the product goes bankrupt. In addition, larger purchases, such as airline tickets and household appliances, are worth paying on the credit side of your credit / debit card if you have travel insurance or product security insurance. Travel insurance, for example, on sick leave or stolen luggage, while product liability insurance covers a defective product paid for by card. Just a credit card is much more than just a payment card; Paying on the credit side of the card adds to the peace of mind and offers value for money.

Benefits of a combination card

Benefits of a combination card

The absolute benefit of a combined card is its versatility, as both credit and debit cards are included in one card. The credit side of combination cards often comes with a variety of added benefits, just like regular credit cards. Typical benefits of credit cards include: travel insurance, product security, and the ability to collect flight points.

A nice feature of dice cards is also the ability to choose which side of the card to charge and cash withdrawals. However, it is worth remembering that the benefits of a credit card, such as product security, are only valid if the purchase is on the credit side of the card. Thus, goods paid on the debit side of a combination card are not eligible for credit card product security coverage, even if all other terms and conditions are met.

A useful benefit of the credit side of the card is also the approximately 30-day non-interest payment period provided by each credit card (the length of the non-interest payment period varies from card to card). An interest-free payment period is a convenient way to get more payment time for large purchases for free; financing the same purchase with a loan would be more expensive because of interest than paying with a credit card if the invoice can be paid in full within an interest-free payment period. Also, learn how to pay your credit card bill wisely to avoid extra costs.

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