In the market there are different options to buy a vehicle insurance policy. Each alternative has its peculiarities, and they adapt to the needs of the applicants, so that everyone can find something made to order.

Prices will vary not only depending on the level of protection you are looking for, but also the calculation made by the insurance company. And although each one has its own conditions, they all take certain elements into account when determining the price they will offer to each client.

Because it is important? 

Because it is important? 

Because it is important? Because it helps insurers measure the risk that the driver represents. A young person with little driving experience is at greater risk of having an accident; while someone with more experience has a different scene.

The brand and model

The brand and model

Each year, insurers have a list of the most stolen models and those who suffered the most accidents, as well as the costs of technical service and spare parts. All this must be taken into account, since the difference between one model and another can represent a very high amount.

Vehicle Year:
The attention in the workshops, as well as the spare parts, etc., will change in value depending on the age of the vehicle.

The driver’s history


A driver who has been involved in different accidents and has won several fines is more worrying for an insurer than one with a clean record.

All these factors will influence the price that the insurer offers you, but it will also depend on the amount of benefits they offer you, as well as the level of protection you are looking for your car, since a basic coverage will not cost the same as a full one. It will be up to you to evaluate which one suits you best, considering your profile and needs. How to compare what the insurance market offers you? Using Good Finance.

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