2016 ends, another year full of successes and challenges overcome in Good Lender.

The year 2016 ends and from Good Lender, we can only thank you for having been with us throughout the year.

The year 2016 ends and from Good Lender, we can only thank you for having been with us throughout the year.

You are already more than 500,000 users who use Good Lender every day to inform you about financial products and at the same time you use our various financial comparators to choose the loan, fast credit, bank account or credit card that best suits your needs.

Our goal has always been to help you clarify the possible doubts you may have had about the financial product you were thinking of hiring. Be it a loan, a quick credit, a credit card or a bank account.

We know that these kinds of decisions are not simple

To make the best decision when hiring a financial product, clear information, trust and knowledge of the different financial products and their characteristics and conditions are necessary.

In Good Lender we are very proud to be able to offer you the information on very clear financial products , with the utmost confidence because we do not marry anyone and our content team is constantly updated on the changes that occur in any of the financial products with the that we work

Our good work, based on a single objective

Our good work, based on a single objective

To offer you the best financial information so that you can make the best decision, is reflected in the more than 350,000 users who have indicated their satisfaction and gratitude for the help we have given them from Good Lender.

If last year 2015 we ended up with € 3,000,000 of loans obtained for our clients, this 2016 has exceeded all our expectations with more € 8,000,000 .

This work has made Good Lender the leading website on financial products and the most useful for anyone who wants to take out a loan and look for the best possible information.

In order to provide you with the maximum possible data we have our blog, with news, reports and data on the financial products sector and we have added this year a new tool, a financial dictionary , which defines the most important financial concepts for any of our Users perfectly understand all the economic concepts you need to know.

We have eliminated or enlarged the fine print and explained each financial product in detail so that you have very clear all the clauses and conditions of the financial product that you want or plan to hire.

Thus, we fulfill our objective of clarifying many concepts and information that are not clear in the field of financial products.

In this way, when any of our users visit a bank office to hire a certain financial product, they will have all the possible information and will know how to avoid contracting products that do not suit them or blindly depend on what the commercial in turn of the company wants to sell. office.

Also, in Good Lender we try to help with savings tips and improve the financial situation of each of the people who visit us, not just customers.

So even if our visitor finds us because he is looking for a quick credit or a credit card, he can take advantage to learn about personal finance and home economics since one of our main objectives is to have a blog with current content written by personal finance experts to help to improve everyone’s domestic economy.

In the blog , which is our mainstay on financial content , we are up to date on personal finance issues that can help our visitors the most. From saving tricks on the electricity bill, tips for hiring a quick credit and the best recommendations for traveling with a good price.

A wide variety of topics, with a single focus, improve the financial situation of our clients.

But we do not stay in Good Lender there but you can find us in almost all existing social networks . So we can maintain contact with our customers at all times and have a direct dialogue with any of them regardless of their preferred social network.


So we encourage you, if you have not done so yet, follow us on any of the previous social networks, whichever is more to your liking.

So we encourage you, if you have not done so yet, follow us on any of the previous social networks, whichever is more to your liking.

And, please, do not forget to give us your suggestions, opinions and criticisms because what helps us improve every day and be your reference financial portal .

Not only is it the only achievement achieved, but in our quest to provide you with more and more advanced tools, as well as simple ones, to help you make the best decisions we have launched our new mobile application this year. That has been a success with more than 1,000 installations and an average user score of 4.2 out of 5 .

We have also reinforced, during 2016, the different online communication channels. We wanted to be in contact with you at all times to know first hand your doubts, problems and suggestions and offer you the best solutions.

Because of this we have one of the largest financial communities within Facebook with more than 6,500 fans .

Anyway, from Good Lender we are not satisfied only with these achievements and results harvested during 2016. We want more. And we know that we can improve during 2017 since we have not reached our full potential and, of course, we want to do it together with all of you.

So we do not stop working and there are many new features that will come and you can enjoy Good Lender in 2017.

There are also thousands of grateful customers who have sent us their congratulations for the information and consultation service we offer from Good Lender.

And that’s all?

Not much less. As I said, in 2017 we have juicy news prepared for all our customers. News that you can start enjoying very soon.

One of them is a new service specially designed to expedite the process of acquiring a quick credit , personal loan or credit card.

We cannot tell you much more but we are sure from Good Lender that it will be a very useful and totally new service in the financial comparators sector.

This is just one of the great novelties for 2017, there are many more but to know the rest you must wait a bit.

As always, what will never fail in Good Lender is that you can find the most up-to-date information on fast loans, personal loans, credit cards and bank accounts. In addition this year we will add more financial products.

As you see the year 2016 has been excellent in Good Lender but this only gives us reasons and desire to face a 2017 that everything indicates that it will also be a great year.

In Good Lender we are very proud of our clients and readers. We believe that we have managed to gather a truly unsurpassed “tribe of savers”.

Your support throughout this year has been fundamental . We have achieved our achievements due to their generous spirit that motivates us to continue our mission of providing the maximum possible information on any aspect of the financial products we work in Good Lender.

From the bottom of the heart of all those who participate in Good Lender, we want to wish each and every one of you a merry Christmas and a prosperous year 2017.

debt loan

We wish you that all your desires and goals for 2017 are fully fulfilled and that it is a magnificent year in your lives.

As much as we love information about financial products, we also believe that these days are to be focused on what really matters and is worth the life: family and friends.

Your confidence has been basic for Good Lender to be the reference portal in financial products . There are many users who have opted for us when hiring a financial product such as a credit card or a personal loan, trusting us through our recommendations.

Something that motivates us to continue improving every day to provide you with the best information about financial products. The fastest, simplest and clearest information.

Do not doubt that our efforts during this year 2017 will be mainly focused on continuing to improve our cornerstone, which makes us different, the power of our financial product comparators .

We are waiting for you all together so that 2017 is so successful that it pales what was achieved during this year 2016.

We have more to wish you Merry Christmas and a happy new year 2017 to all our customers and all the people who visit us daily to learn and learn about the best use of the various financial products that are currently marketed.

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